2011-Total Lunar Eclipse from Nepal

The first Total Lunar Eclipse of 2011 was observed from Nepal. It was amazing to observe the moon passing deeply in the shadow of the Earth with in hrs,more interestingly to see the changes in the colour of the moon with orange to red and to black.As we know that our solar system is a family of planets and their satellites which revolving around the sun on their orbit, so some time they come between a straight line while revolving around the sun. When the earth comes between the sun and the moon and they all are in straight path,the earth obstruct the light reaching to the moon causing shadow on it is known as lunar eclipse.
16 june,2011 Lunar Eclipse was seen from the most of the parts of Africa, Asia, S.America, Europe and Australia.This types of eclipse are so rare to observe (because in this eclipse earth’s center point shadow passes across the moon) that the last such eclipse was occured on july 16,2000 and next will be occured on july 27,2018.

In Nepal, to observe the Total Lunar Eclipse NASO(Nepal Astronomical Society) of kathmandu, and NAAM(Nepali Association for Astronomical Mission)of Birgunj had organized a moon observation night on june 15-16 night.
In Birgunj the moon observation night was started from 8:00pm to the morning 7:00 am. According to local time ,the partial eclipse was begain at 12:04 a.m and total eclipse was begain at 1:06 a.m and total eclipse ends at 2:45 a.m morning at birgunj. After on wards we couldn’t recored the phases of eclipse of cloudy weather.


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